Bitcoin Friday Promotional Deal

Shire Silver believes in competition and diversity, so we're naturally big fans of bitcoins. We've been accepting bitcoins for purchases for a while now, and so when we heard about the Bitcoin Friday promotion we jumped on board right away.

Bitcoin Friday

Our Special Deal

We decided that not only should we have a special discount (as large as we could make it without taking a loss), but we're also making a regular permanent discount for using bitcoins. So here's the deal.

On Bitcoin Friday, November 9th, we're not only giving a 3% discount on everything on this site, but we're also turning off all other payment options for the day. We'll turn back on the PayPal and credit/debit card options at the end of the day.

And from now on, any time you buy something from us on this website you can get a 1% discount. The advantages of bitcoins over dollar & bank based transaction systems means you get a better deal.

The Details

In order to get the discount, you have to use a coupon code. You just enter the code into the appropriate box on the checkout page, just above the payment options section.

  • To get the Bitcoin Friday promotional 3% off, just use code BTCFRI
  • To get the everyday 1% off for using bitcoins, use code BITCOIN

We hope this helps generate interest in alternative currencies and voluntary transactions without the interference of politicians and banksters. If you'd like more information on how bitcoins and Shire Silver can complement each other, please check out our currency comparison chart.

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