Open Pollinated Heirloom Seed Farmer

Harry Felker, Professor, Author, Farmer


The Terms of Acceptance for Shire Silver Cards

  1. I have trust issues when it comes to money, I am an open agorist and much experience with the counter-economy and some of the participants are less than savory.  This is the reason why unless you are a trusted source there is a slightly higher price than Silver Rounds for "unsecured" Shire Cards.
  2. I will accept payment in part silver and in part other forms of currency, be aware as FERNs fluctuate a deal one time may differ in the future.
  3. I have not investigated all forms of alternate currency, if there is one someone prefers as a secondary or for an in part payment please appraise me of the website for this currency and allow me time to consider it.
  4. If you are caught passing fraudulent cards by me I will, until the day I leave this Earth, see to it everyone knows about it and is forewarned of the potential of fraud.

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