Shire Silver is proud to introduce our new silver and gold trade cards. We believe that these will show the world a better way to save, spend, and share precious metals.

Each card is the same size as a standard credit/debit card, but contains actual value - not just a representation of value. With a simple yet beautiful design for each denomination, these cards will impress everyone you show them to.

Silver Three Gram Card

Our three gram card is currently our largest silver unit, and is about as big as we can make them without sacrificing quality or making them difficult to carry in a wallet.

Gold Twentieth-Gram Card

Our smallest gold card, it contains one twentieth of a gram of gold. This makes it as useful as a $5 bill in most everyday transactions.

Silver Half Gram Card

 Our smallest value card, it contains a half a gram of .999 fine silver. Great for making smaller change.

Gold Half-Gram Card

This is currently our largest value card. With a half gram of .999 fine gold embedded in the card, it makes a reasonable amount of value easily pocketable.


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