Beal Furniture and Toolworks



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7103 east El Paseo street
90815 Long Beach , CA 33° 47' 42" N, 118° 5' 40.3548" W


50% down payment in FRN's; Cash, Check, Paypal, Dwolla

Balance due upon completion, accepted in Shire Silver @ MSRP, Bullion PM's @ 1 week moving average, Bitcoin @ live exchange rate, FRN's as Cash, Check, Paypal or Dwolla.

Actual Shipping charges payable in Bitcoin or FRN's


I design and build custom furniture and woodworking tools. I primarily focus on free standing furniture for the home, though I also make business fixtures and the occasional built-in. I make wooden bodied bench-planes and side escapement planes as well as marking knives and gauges.

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