PorcFest 2011 Vendor List

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If you are going to be selling at PorcFest, we want to advertise your business! Just agree to accept Shire Silver cards, with whatever conditions you require (such as "up to 50% of sales in Shire Silver") and get us the info. A good short description as well as a nice picture would be helpful.

Please use the contact form or email info@ShireSilver.com.

Accepting Vendors

This list is just getting started, and we are confident it will grow tremendously in the months before PorcFest. If you are on this list and would like to improve your description, just ask!

George's Famous Baklava

(you can mail order some online!) - you really need to try the deep fried baklava, it is heavenly! Visit George's on Facebook - Agora Valley site #30

Smoothies by Doug

- Agora Valley site #10

The Vice Shop

Celestina's is the one-stop shop for all your party accessories. - Agora Valley site #22

Dalebert's House of Pancakes

Perennially among the favorites, Dalebert's pancakes are a nutritious and somewhat decadent breakfast treat!. You'll find him in the Free Keene camping area.

The Agorist's Drinking Fountain

The Fountain offers a basic bar with a few premiums and an assortment of mixers. - Agora Valley site #79
Visit them on Facebook

Fixx Brewing & Fr33 Agents

Visit Fixx Brewing on Facebook, Fr33 Agents on the web, and in person at Agora Valley site#16

Our Food, Your Gullet

Agora Valley site#5

Tarrin Lupo

Books and silver jewelry - Agora Valley site#9

Free Patriot Press

Free Patriot Press is an independent alternative media / publishing company, founded by Darryl W. Perry in June 2009, with the mission of “ensuring a FREE PRESS for the FREEDOM MOVEMENT” and to also give new authors an avenue for publishing freedom oriented material. - Agora Valley site#25

Lorri Rodier

Head shop plus. Accepting up to 50% of purchase price in Shire Silver, and some items up to 100%. Agora Valley site#46


WOOD, ICE, 'Fire & Ice'. Agora Valley site #45

Catherine Freeman (Bleish) and the Texas Crew

  • Breakfast Tacos for breakfast (a Tejas favorite)
  • Other food, menu coming soon
  • Hand made jewelry
  • Hand made body scrubs / salts
  • Brave New Book Store goods
  • On Camera Interview Station
  • Framed Artwork
  • T-shirts
  • Peace Piece Tobacco Pipes
  • and more...

Agora Valley sites #26-28

Sean Murphy

Not sure yet what the product or service will be. Agora Valley site #8

Bill D

We're not sure yet what the product or service will be, but probably something to keep you in contact WTSHTF or as needed. Agora Valley site #11

Brian Travis

Not sure yet what the product or service will be, but probably fresh eggs. Agora Valley site #67

Amagi Bar & Grille

Mike Segal & co are selling meals in the Free Keene Pavilion.

Emily Sandblade

Jayne hats! Agora Valley site #50

Agora Massage & Natural Health

Aubern Goodwin CMT - Facebook page


Chair Massage: Rejuvenating, stimulating and deeply relaxing.

Chair Massage is performed fully dressed in a unique and exceptionally comfortable chair. This massage concentrates on your back, neck, shoulders, arms and hands. A chair massage is for anyone who has stress, works at a computer, spends extended time driving, lifting or standing.

Also, Available by Appointment: Full body Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology and EFT

Darren Tapp

Agora Valley site #50

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