Silver Daniq

A daniq is a one-sixth dirham; that is, it is a half gram of .999 fine silver.

These cards are made for the group Muslims for Liberty, and part of the profits on any cards sold on this site go to the group to support their mission. Their mission is:

Muslims4Liberty (M4L) is dedicated to educating and providing educational resources about Islam & Sharia (Islamic law), philosophical Libertarianism, and concepts of freedom.  Using education and outreach, M4L supports the Liberty-Movements that are making a resurgence in America. We encourage Muslim Americans to become civically involved in their local community and participate in the Liberty-Movements on the local and national levels.

By highlighting the striking parallels between Islam and Libertarianism, M4L can assist Americans (both Muslim and Non-Muslim) in rediscovering their ideals of liberty and justice. This will contribute to ending hatred, divisions and religious prejudices that are far too common.


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