Declare Your Independence

I talked with Ernest Hancock for an hour on his show. The video is mostly showing Ernie and various pictures, which is OK to watch but also OK to listen to in a background tab while continuing browsing. Sorry about the poor audio quality on my end.

Liberty Forum


Raw footage: feeding a card through the machine, producing a card for our first franchise Bluffs Silver.

Tom Woods making a Shire Silver card.

Jeffrey Tucker making a card and a little banter at the end. Here's another version from a different angle.


Agorism panel

Interview at 2012 Liberty Forum - part 1 and Interview at Liberty Forum 2012 - part 2



 Porcfest Chronicles C05 Alternative Currencies & Agorism - Ron Helwig participated in a panel about alternative currencies.

Ron also got interviewed by Ernest Hancock for another hour on Declare Your Independence and got almost an hour on the Angel Clark show.

Ron also participated in the bitcoin panel as a merchant that accepts bitcoins. Watch it at Porcfest Chronicles CS01 Alternative Currencies: Bitcoin


Shire Silver exchange at PorcFest 2011

The Agora at PorcFest 2011

Silver Calculator put to the test at PorcFest 2011

Ron Helwig promotes his new design in local currency at PorcFest 2011

Agora I/O

An introduction to the Shire Silver model and brand. -- from the Agora I/O unconference No. 1 "Etienne".

NH Capitol Access

Shire Silver on NH Capitol Access with Denis Goddard and Lydia Harman.

Ridley Report

From back when we were trying to make a cheap minting setup, we got covered by Dave from the Ridley Report. We soon found out that this method wouldn't work.

Here's a follow-up report from Dave, showing the first prototype cards.


Here's a review of Shire Silver's gold cards from a customer.

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