These are our suggested retail/trade values of the cards.

Silver 0.5 grams and silver daniq: $1.00


Silver 1 gram: $2.00


Silver dirham (3 grams): $6.00


Silver 5 grams: $10.00


Gold 0.05 grams: $5.00


Gold 0.1 grams: $10.00


Gold tenth dinar (0.425 grams): $42.50


Gold 0.5 grams: $50.00


If you have an Android phone, you can get an app that helps manage making payments. It is made by our friends at Please note that it hasn't yet been updated to use our MSRP yet though.

Our suggested retail price formula is based on the current spot prices, but because of how math works our prices fluctuate much less than you would think. Average daily spot price volatility hardly affects our pricing, in part due to our calculations rounding up. This helps keep prices steadier which makes it easier to use. You can be pretty confident that the price in the afternoon will be the same as in the morning.

For comparison purposes, here are the spot prices of gold and silver:

  • Gold spot: $49.12/gram
  • Silver spot: $0.56/gram

Please note that the spot prices don't take into account the processing of the metal into useful form, even before it gets to us and we turn it into cards.

For further comparisons, you might want to visit or check out the smallest (5 gram silver or 1 gram gold) units available at Northwest Territorial Mint. Keep in mind that smaller units require larger markups from spot and we think you'll see that our prices are very competitive.

It is also important to remember the purpose of the cards. They aren't intended for investment, but for actual use in trade. You can keep several of the cards in your wallet, so they'll be handy when you come upon opportunities to spend them. How many gold and silver rounds would most people be comfortable carrying around in their wallet on a daily basis? We saw the advantage put into action at the first big test of Shire Silver. At the 2010 PorcFest, a more traditional bullion dealer sold way more silver than we did, but those rounds mostly just went into people's cars and luggage. Even though we sold about one twentieth as much (in dollar value) our cards were seen everywhere and were being used heavily in transactions. We're sure that many of the cards went through as many as ten people's hands as they got used in those few days.

So basically, if you are looking for a way to purchase gold and silver for investing or saving, you are probably better off going to another bullion dealer and buying large units in bulk. But if you are wanting to use gold and silver in everyday trade, helping rebuild the precious metal economy, then we strongly believe that Shire Silver cards are your best buy.

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