Other Ways to use Shire Silver

Trading Shire Silver cards in retail or barter situations aren't the only way they can be used. Here's some other ideas you might consider.


Many organizations have flexible donation acceptance policies, so you might ask if alternatives are OK. You'd be surprised how many will say yes. Its also a good way to initiate a conversation about sound money for those that are unfamilar with it.


Church offering plateWe know that the Mormon church accepts Shire Silver and other precious metals for paying tithes. Its always good to ask first, but most religions are in favor of honest weights and measures, so the likelihood of acceptance is pretty high.

Talk to the person in charge of your local place of worship. They might appreciate your desire to "walk the walk" by paying with honest and sound money.


Our cards can make nice gifts. Not only do they educate, but they retain value. They fit into birthday cards better than traditional bullion too while being more impressive than paper dollars or checks.

Awards or Prizes

Recognizing excellence in others is a great way to improve society and promote positive values. Shouldn't your awards and prizes be representative of the positive values you are supporting? Gold and silver have been used for this for so long that they are the terms used for ranking winners. Shire Silver cards make it easy to hand out gold and silver awards.


The cards can be great for tipping service workers, especially when they're combined with a generous amount of regular cash. Be sure to mention that the cards contain precious metals though, because some workers might be too busy to notice the value - you wouldn't want them to throw the card out thinking it was just a business card or an attempt to pass them your phone number.

Business Card

Speaking of business cards, you might consider getting some small denomination co-branded cards. They are more expensive than your average business card, but also far more impressive. We can work with you to come up with something to fit your brand image while displaying all the pertinent info.

Tooth Fairy

Of course our cards can be used for those special moments in your child's life as well. They'll be slightly easier to slide under a pillow than paper dollars, and quieter than coins - making nighttime pillow swaps a breeze.

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