Shire Silver produces and promotes an alternative currency that is a combination of the best parts of traditional bullion and local scrip-type currencies.

Who we are

We are supporters of sound money, based on wealth not debt, especially currencies based on precious metals. Gold and silver have proven their value as money over thousands of years, and their physical properties make them the elements most suited to that use.

What we believe

We believe that:

  • Voluntary exchanges are a cornerstone of civilization
  • Honesty is necessary for interactions to be voluntary

Governments are based on force, and routinely interfere in voluntary exchanges. Because of perverse incentives and the concentration of power, governments cannot be trusted with the power to make or regulate money. They have repeatedly shown that they don't deserve that trust. Even when a government controlled currency starts out sound, the pressure to debase is irresistible. Once debasement begins, governments then are forced to lie about economic conditions in order to continue their plunder.

We believe that in the future, money will have been separated from governments and all money will be produced privately. People will trade value for value, using honest wealth based currencies; with Shire Silver being the most trusted brand of physical money.

What we do

Our efforts are centered around:

  • Product Sales: We produce and sell monetary products we believe are superior to the competition.
  • Education: We develop and distribute educational products, as well as train others how to make their own version of our cards.
  • Networking: This site and related promotional material will help bring together those interested in using precious metals in trade.
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