Buying with Bitcoins

We like competition as well as tech, so when something like bitcoin comes along we get intrigued. We've used it for a while now, and find that it complements Shire Silver fairly well.

When you get to the part where you'll make your payment, you just select "bitcoin" instead of PayPal and you'll be shown a unique bitcoin address to send your payment to. You can use whatever bitcoin wallet you prefer. Once the bitcoins are received, our shopping cart software will alert us to the fact that we have a new order to fulfill.

Since we like bitcoins and the transaction fees are tiny (when they even exist) we can give a discount when using bitcoins. We'll automatically apply a 3% discount for payments via bitcoins, giving you even more reason to join the forward thinking people using this currency.

The hard way

If you want to buy some cards from us the old-fashioned way (maybe you don't trust the service we use) you can still do it. Please contact us and we'll help walk you through the buying process. Note that we might not be able to respond quickly.

To speed things up, it would help if your message included:

  • where to ship to (at least city, state, country, and code initially) so we can estimate the shipping costs
  • which products and how many of each

We'll respond with our calculation of the total, in bitcoins, as well as how long we expect it to take to fulfill your order and a bitcoin address to pay to. If you agree, just send the money (and email us your full shipping address if you haven't already).

For now for the manual process we're using the Bitstamp prices, but that's subject to change.


If you think what we're doing is worth supporting, you can send donations to 1KLNQmASGZhWEpijm9qe4darfexJaR17oL - note that these won't be considered as orders, so please use this address.

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