We are in the business of selling these cards. We aren't a broker. However, we will buy cards back at a discount that is above spot price, as long as we have available cash. You might consider the difference a restocking fee, if that makes you more comfortable with it.

Of course, in the several years that we've been in business we've only had two people actually ask us to buy back some cards, and we promptly did. As much as people ask about us buying cards back, almost no one ever does it.

Still, we do sometimes hear from other people who are willing to buy the cards and act as brokers, so if you need to turn Shire Silver cards into Federal Reserve Notes for some reason, you should be able to get a better deal from them. When they formally agree to provide this service and notify us, we will list them on this site.

These are the prices we will pay to buy back the cards.

For comparison purposes, here are the spot prices of gold and silver:

  • Gold spot: $49.12/gram
  • Silver spot: $0.56/gram

Please note that the precious metal spot prices don't take into account the processing of the metal into useful form, even before it gets to us and we turn it into cards.

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