Co-Branding Sales Details

We want to make co-branding a success for you, and here's one way we can help. We can sell the cards for you and pay you for the privilege!

Profit while promoting your brand

This deal is a no-brainer for you. We do all the manufacturing and shipping, and you just do the promoting and marketing.

The Deal

For all cards that we sell through this site that are your co-branded design, we will split the profits (based on our buyback price) with you 50/50.

Here's an example. Lets say you have a design that you tell your audience about, and one of them comes here and buys 10 one gram silver cards. They pay the full MSRP of $2.00, we keep the buyback of $1.30, and then we split the remainder. In this example you'd get $0.35 for each card or $3.50 total.

Each month that your total is greater than $5 we'll send you your share. And if your total month's earnings don't add up to $5, we'll roll that into the next month.

You can see the current outstanding payments at this page.

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