Become a Merchant

When you join our network by becoming a Shire Silver Merchant, you

  • get automatic discounts on purchases
  • can publish your own page here promoting your business, with control over your listing's content
  • get placed on the map of merchants
  • get added to the merchant list
  • increase the value of Shire Silver in your community

Sign Up

To become a Shire Silver Merchant you just need to create an account on this site and then apply for the "merchant" role. When you have an account, go to your "My account" page and there should be a link at the top to "Apply for role". When applying for the role, please put something in your message indicating what your business is.

Once an administrator approves your application, you will have the ability to create your listing page as well as get the automatic discount. Once you have a listing page, you'll appear in the merchant list, and if you enter a location on your listing page then you'll also show up on the map.

If you do not have the time or web skills to create and manage your merchant listing, we can do that for you. Just use the form at the bottom of this page and we'll handle it.


By applying for a merchant account you are agreeing to accept Shire Silver for at least some of your business. You may specify any limitations on acceptance you are comfortable with.

We do reserve the right to deny applications for merchant status, as well as to edit your content to remove offensive material as well as to correct errors such as grammar errors.

No Censorship

Please note that we don't deny merchant applications based on the organization's mission, politics, or legal status (although we do reserve the right to do so). This can mean that you may object to some merchants or to being listed near them. Since most merchants can have some reason why someone might object to them, we can get reasons to delist pretty much any merchant, so we won't make it a policy to delist any merchants based on objections.


Let the world know that you honor your customers by trading value for value!

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