PorcFest 2011 Vendor Deal

Get prepared for one of the best times you can have enjoying real economic freedom by pre-ordering some Shire Silver gold and silver cards. Last year's PorcFest was spectacular, and the introduction of Shire Silver and its widespread usage in Agora Alley showed just how good this alternative currency is.

For this year's PorcFest, we have a deal for vendors and merchants of all kinds. We are giving a 2% discount on all our cards (believe me, that is as deep a discount as we can afford) with only a few conditions.


  • You must display prices for your products in grams of gold and/or silver
  • You must agree to accept Shire Silver cards in trade
  • You must place your order before the end of April

To pre-order, please email info@shiresilver.com.

Note that even though we are asking for prices to be displayed and for you to accept the cards, we are not putting restrictions on pricing and acceptance. You can set your prices however you desire. You can limit acceptance, for example you could say that you only accept up to 50% of a purchase in Shire Silver cards. We trust that you will be fair with your customers and will do what it takes to please them.


Pre-orders will be delivered at PorcFest. You may come to the Shire Silver booth (#17 in Agora Valley) or arrange something else.

If you want your pre-order delivered to you before PorcFest, we can do that too, but for cost. Most pre-orders will likely be less than $6 for shipping.

Register for PorcFest

If you haven't yet registered for PorcFest, please do so by the end of April. Using coupon code SILVER will get you 20% off on PorcFest early bird registration, PorcFest 2011 t-shirts, Porcupine Gadsden flags, and framed PorcFest 2011 group photos.


Please note that registration for PorcFest does not include registration for Roger's Campground. You must do that separately.

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