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Bitcoin Friday Promotional Deal

Shire Silver believes in competition and diversity, so we're naturally big fans of bitcoins. We've been accepting bitcoins for purchases for a while now, and so when we heard about the Bitcoin Friday promotion we jumped on board right away.

Bitcoin Friday

Two Sound Money Articles Published in Freedom's Phoenix E-Zine

Good Morning!

Utah Update - Government Still Wrong

As we expected, the Utah law that allows the use of gold and silver coins has not produced a lot of growth in the use of sound money. There's some good reasons why these state initiatives cannot result in a return to sound money, but the latest news shows how futile the attempts are.

Rep. Brad Galvez, R-West Haven, sponsored legislation last year to recognize gold and silver as legal tender in the state, but doing business with the metals remains impractical.

Buying with Bitcoins

We like competition as well as tech, so when something like bitcoin comes along we get intrigued. We've used it for a while now, and find that it complements Shire Silver fairly well.

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