Co-Branding Fee  

A template for a card design
An example of cobranding - the FSP cards!The back of a silver card, showing the URL and QR code

Shire Silver is an open source system so anyone can make their own. However, we realize that not everyone is willing to put in the time and effort to create their own cards. That's why we are providing the service of creating your cards for you!

For a one-time fee of only $250, we will take your logo, slogan, and website URL and put them on our Shire Silver cards. On the back of the card we will, in unobtrusive black & white, put our logo and the URL to the page on our site that displays the current suggested price along with a QR code for easily opening the URL with a mobile device. We call this co-branding, and we believe it will help build your brand loyalty as well as provide you with a unique product.

By having the Shire Silver logo and URL on the back, people will know the cards were produced and approved by a trusted supplier. That means you don't have to explain why your business, which might not have relevant expertise, should be trusted to have made them.

How it works

When you pay this fee, we contact you and start working on the new card design. From you we will need:

  • your logo, to replace the large Shire Silver logo at the top left of the cards
  • your business or promotion name, to replace the text "Shire Silver" at the top of the cards
  • your slogan, to replace the "Defending Traditional Value" in the upper part of the cards
  • your URL of choice, to replace our URL on the bottom of the cards

We will create a new design using your information, and work with you to ensure you are satisfied with the design.

Once you have approved the co-branded design, you can then place an order of cards at the regular price. There is no minimum order, but you'll probably want to order enough to last a while. We are able to give small discounts on larger orders, but our margins are very thin so large discounts just aren't possible.

Once we have the order, we will produce the cards for you, and send them to you as soon as possible - typically in less than a month.

When you receive the cards, you can sell them or use them in barter-like fashion however you wish. You may even want to give some away! They do make interesting gifts and promotional giveaways.


When you run out of cards, just ask us for more! We won't charge you anything extra - the co-branding fee is one time only (although if you want to update the design we will probably need to charge you something; but that's negotiable).

We can sell for you

If you want, we will add your design to our website's store and sell them for you. We'll put them in our catalog so you don't need to do anything other than promote them. And we now have a profit sharing deal to make it even better.

But if you want complete control, that's no problem either. In that case we'll just ship all the cards you order directly to you, and will keep them out of our store.

An example

We produced some co-branded cards for the Free State Project. As well as changing the parts mentioned above we also changed the background some and did other design changes. Here's the result:

Price: $250.00

 We have more fun stuff for sale at our zazzle store, like bumper stickers and retail "Shire Silver accepted here" stickers. Let us know if there are any zazzle products you'd like to see branded with Shire Silver.

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