Referral Policy  

 We now have optional referral tracking. When someone creates a new account or buys something online, they can optionally select a referrer.

Currently we are giving out referral bonuses for new merchant account purchases. For as long as the merchant is paying their monthly merchant fee, we will pay the referrer a portion of it. This gives people a little more incentive to promote Shire Silver.

While we are trying to keep our margins as small as possible on the cards, we are willing to consider adding referral bonuses for them as well in the future. But for now, believe us when we say that we really can't do it yet because our margins are just that tight.

Become a "Shire Silver Sales Agent"

If you are interested in helping us get more merchants, and are willing to be listed as a referrer, just contact us and select the "I'd love to get paid to help" choice in the Category list.

Other ideas?

If you have some other idea for making money promoting Shire Silver, please let us know. We can't possibly even conceive all the ways it can be done so we're hoping you will figure something out.

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