Card Design  

Sample picture of a card design
The back of a silver card, showing our branding as an example

Shire Silver is an open source system so anyone can make their own. To make it easier for those without the graphic skills or who just want to outsorce that step, we can do that for you! We will take your logo, slogan, and website URL and put them on a Shire Silver based design.

How it works

When you pay this fee, we contact you and start working on the new card design. From you we will need:

  • your logo, to replace the large Shire Silver logo at the top left of the cards
  • your business or promotion name, to replace the text "Shire Silver" at the top of the cards
  • your slogan, to replace the "Defending Traditional Value" in the upper part of the cards
  • your URL of choice, to replace our URL on the bottom of the cards
  • Any other info you'd like on the back of the cards in black & white (since you'd be making your own cards our standard card back isn't approprite, but we can come up with something similar for you)

We will create a new design using your information, and work with you to ensure you are satisfied with it. Please note that if you want to get fancier with the design, like using a different background, we might have to charge extra - but that's all negotiable.

Once you have approved the co-branded design, we will send you the source files so you can print your own cards. Whether you print them on your own home printer or, like we do with our cards, have them professionally printed, is your decision.

An example

We produced some co-branded cards for the Free State Project. As well as changing the parts mentioned above we also changed the background some and did other design changes. Here's the result:

Price: $75.00

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