Free Listings for Non-Profit Organizations  

We really can't expect non-profit organizations that operate on tight budgets with funding provided by donations to pay even our tiny listing fee. Most such groups are happy to get any help they can, in whatever form the giver wishes.

So if your organization meets our definition and you'd like people to know you accept Shire Silver, here's how we can get you set up.

First, you'll want to make sure you have an account on the site. You can create one using our registration form.

Next you'll want to send the webmaster a message, selecting "I'd like a free listing for my non-profit" in the Category drop-down list. Be sure to include the name of your non-profit, your account username, and any other information you think might help us verify your qualifications such as your website address.

We'll verify that you meet our definition of a non-profit, and assuming you do we'll upgrade your account so that you can create and manage your listing. Once we do we'll send you an email to let you know its ready to go.

If you aren't comfortable enough with managing your page, we can do that for you - although we might take longer to fulfill page creation and update requests. Keep in mind that if you (the person running the organization) aren't up to it, you might have a volunteer who can.

Our definition of non-profit

We don't rely on any government's definitions or qualifications, such as 501c3 status, although we might consider them as good indications. We'll be doing our own checks.

What we mean by non-profit is any person, group, or organization that operates virtually entirely on donations. For example, if your organization is a church but you do ocassionally sell t-shirts to partially fund some outreach we would still consider you a non-profit as the vast majority of your budget still comes from donations.

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