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FR33 Aid accepts donations in Shire Silver and other forms of precious metals, as well as cash, bitcoin, Dwolla, and PayPal.

For more information on donating please see our donation page.

Fr33 Aid is a team of freedom-loving volunteers who want to provide health related services on a voluntary basis.

Fr33 Aid is providing volunteer first aid, volunteer emergency medical services, complementary pharmacy items, and health and wellness education.

Fr33 Aid’s initial focus is on participation in events where freedom lovers gather.

Fr33 Aid provides education about CPR and defibrillation, because government providers don’t always arrive in time to save lives from cardiac arrest. The more people who are willing to help in an emergency, the better the chances are for survival in our community.

Fr33 Aid is a mutual aid organization. We espouse agorist principles. Many people prefer not to rely on the state to provide essential medical services. We are helping bring these services to the marketplace in a voluntary manner.

Fr33 Aid provides a forum for medically skilled liberty lovers to network and meet each other.FR33 Aid Banner

Fr33 Aid’s pledge to you:

We will provide first aid and emergency medical services to the best of our abilities, and we will always do so on a voluntary basis. Unlike government, we will never force you to fund our services.

Fr33 Aid depends on the generosity of our supporters. Please consider making a contribution if you find value in our services!

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